Implicaciones del etiquetado nutricional y declaraciones de propiedades saludables en el ámbito sanitario

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María Morillo Cabello

Centro Tecnológico CARTIF. Parque Tecnológico de Boecillo. Parcela 205. 47151 Boecillo (Valladolid). España.


Palabras Clave

alimentos funcionales, etiquetado nutricional, declaraciones nutricionales y de salud, Reglamento (CE) 1924/2006, perfil nutricional, reformulación, salud pública


The relationship between food and health and/or disease is the great challenge for the food sciences and the food industry. Research at the highest possible scientific level is currently essential, to rigorously establish the efficacy and safety of food ingredients, and to be able to communicate the benefits of food to the consumer in an understandable way. The publication of Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods, fills an essential legal void in the food-health binomial, becoming without doubt, the most important event during the last decades for the food sector at European level. According to the experts, this is one of the regulations in continuous development, more complex to apply and interpret. In this context, the role played by health professionals is essential, as they act as health prescribers in relation to the adequate consumption of food. Therefore, it is essential that these professionals are aware of the legal framework of foods that declare beneficial effects for health, and the latest initiatives of the Ministry of Health in this area: (1) the incorporation of Nutriscore front labeling to facilitate consumer´s choice of healthier foods and (2) the publication of the Collaboration Plan for the improvement of the composition of foods and beverages and other 2020 measures, to promote the nutritional improvement of certain foods through their reformulation.

Key words

functional foods, nutrition labelling, nutrition and health claims, Regulation (CE) 1924/2006, nutrient profile, reformulation, public health